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These are some of the services we can offer Marsolat during your stay.

* Additional Services not included.

In our quest to provide a service rather than exclusive to our customers, we have created a number of synergies with different companies in the area, so that you can feel at home.

• Accura wellness center. C3% A1ccura/gava /

Balance. Welfare. Evasion. Fullness. Accura is the Sport & Wellness Center of Gava. Your point of balance between body and mind. Gavà Accura is the ideal place to enjoy your time … The opportunity to exercise with sea views. Indoor and outdoor pool, paddle, guided activities, and cardiovascular fitness room, cycling room, … and beauty services, nutrition and sports medicine.

This center can be physically active, relaxing like a massage, or enjoy a beautiful area of water with sea views. It also has a hair salon.

• Andres Gimeno Tennis Club.

The September 20, 1974, two and a half years after becoming the oldest player to win a Roland Garros 35 years, Andres Gimeno Tolaguera founded, with a group of friends, the tennis club that bears his name. This needed the advice of various professionals, including brothers Plans, with which he had founded in 1972 the corporation Plans Gimeno, owns the land where the future lay at the club. The love for the sport and enthusiasm from the beginning showed his father, Esteban Gimeno, one of the first professional coaches in this country, made this ambitious project which occupied more than 20,000 square meters located outside the highway Castelldefels, in the neighborhood of GranVia Sea, where in the 50s stood a military camp recruits. The first club president D. Sebastian Jorge Vidal.

One of the most important tennis clubs is 5 minutes walk from the apartments of Marsol. Complex and paddle tennis courts where you can train with monitor or track to play catch. From the beginning, we worked very close with his school of young talent, and trained future tennis stars from South American countries, Asian and European center. It’s easy to find players and tennis players in the halls of Marsol.

• Sandra Stylists.

No customer it is fixed in your image, as we do with our apartments in Sandra stylists can run everything you need in terms of image.


Getting there?

• In our location, you can find from the pleasure of walking along the beach of Castelldefels, glued to eat sand.

Playing Water sports

Go out and relax after a day of sightseeing or business.


In the resort has variety of settings, highlight them for our clients:

• Restaurants (in the same corner of the apartments)

• Cinemas and shopping centers

• Cercanias (train)